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My Political Goals For Occupy Wall Street – November 2011

I believe that the Occupy Generation is capable of taking over their Government both locally and nationally and of breaking up the concentrated wealth and corruption.

I can see the Occupy Generation ending the power of money over votes.

I am not stuck in 2008. I see that we are retaking our Democracy and we are slowly and steadily occupying the Democratic Party… in a few years we will be in a position to defeat the money of the 1% with the votes of the people.

Occupy changed the national conversation in less than 2 months. Occupy got photographs and video projected around the world. Occupy shows us that big money actually likes communist slaves more than decently paid American laborers, who have liberty and vote. We see the heartlessness and ‘economic treason.’

OK. Good. We all see it. Now… what do we want? What’s Phase 2?

I know one thing we don’t want. We don’t want working Americans to start hating us. Our best and brightest should be writing up legislation that can be moving along with our protests. That we we are pressuring towards something.

Here are the basic changes that must take place once we put the power of corporate money back in a cage:

* End Corporate Personhood. Doing this will make it possible to regulate their GREEDY acts.

* Public Financing of Short Campaigns ONLY.

* Put the wall back between Investment Houses and regular banking.

* Fill the legislature with NON-MILLIONAIRES who will tax wealth.

* Prosecute those on Wall St. who broke laws ending up in the crash of 2008

* Put the Federal Reserve under the Department of the Treasury as part of top to bottom banking reform.

* Return to 1970 income tax rates…. corrected to current dollar values.

* Cut 5% off of the Pentagon Budget every year until we reach 50% of the 2008 high. We’ll still have the biggest war machine in the world by far.

* Do the above to pay for enacting FDR’s SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS:


^ please view

* End the “revolving door” between government and corporations as part of getting the money out of representation and elections.

* Break up the “free press” and big media from what is nearing monopoly into a thousand (or thousands) of smaller independent voices.  Make reporting and research well paid vocations again.

All of these ideas and more start with getting the money out of politics. That means money must be ruled as property and not speech in our constitution. Corporations shall also be ruled property and not persons in the constitution.  That means a constitutional amendment. And that means we must have constitutional congresses in every state in the union.  Occupy Wall Street could lead to all of this if we stick together and work on all fronts.

– Corporations_ate_my_BABY!

I'm an internet presence named "Corporations_ate_my_BABY! I'm an online activist who has spent a little time downtown at Occupy L.A.

The mini link to this blog is: http://wp.me/pqMgr-3n

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