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The Fault for Paris?

Remember: ISIS and AL QAEDA in IRAQ would not exist had Cheney not lied us into "war" (invasion, murder, occupation) in Iraq on behalf of his oil plans. Cheney could not have done any of that had Bush not *ceded power to the Vice President's office. ISIS and AL QAEDA in IRAQ ... and the murders in Paris are therefore, mostly the fault of George W. Bush and his people.

- Corporations_ate_my_BABY!

Fox Owners

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Did you know that Race-cars Eat Hypocrites?

Did you know that Racecars Eat Hypocrites?

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February 17, 2014 · 11:36 PM

Evil? Disordered? Sad?

American Government is not evil. What is wicked is when it falls into the hands of a few who prefer to quash democratic will of those people the government was created for. What is “evil” is the domination of our public trust by private men who suffer from profound emotional and ethical disorders.
What is sad is how little we all realize that we still have the power, in our sheer numbers to defeat dollars; to reverse this whole mess.



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What sometimes sucks about democracy…

Obama has been absolutely centrist during the past 4 years…

I would argue that his new mandate from the coalition that reelected him is far more progressive than last time. I would also argue that he kept his centrist promises in his first term… and has made much more progressive promises for this one. It is likely that he is aiming at those now. That said, he will seek to agree where he can like a good centrist will. And that, gentle reader, is part of what sucks about democracy… that the assholes can make you compromise with them.


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Barack H. Obama – State Of The Union Addresss 2012

Watch this over 2012 to see how Occupy Wall St. has changed the rhetoric and even the policy of the Federal Government.

The goals is to take on Koch Bros. and Investment Banking corruption.
It’s about money in politics. Watch this speech and realize what has already been gained by Occupyâ„¢



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