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Open-Primaries movement? More democracy?

Open Primaries Movement Interview with John Opdycke of OpenPrimaries.org

From Bradblog (http://bradblog.com/?p=11660)

“What the open primaries movement is pushing for is public primaries, not partisan primaries,” he tells me, citing states like California, Nebraska and Washington that hold “Top Two” primaries (also known as “Cajun” or “Jungle” primaries) for many elected public offices, allowing candidates of all (or no) parties to compete against each other to run in the general election. “This is a fundamentally different conception of what a primary is. It’s a public primary. Not a partisan primary.”

While recognizing that political parties are private organizations with a First Amendment right to organize as they see fit, Opdycke explains how the result blocks people from the process and makes it nearly impossible to change the system. “They control the political process. They control the boards of elections. They control how redistricting is done. They control the primaries. They control voter registration. They control every aspect. They even control the Presidential debates. And we Americans, we’ve participated in that. We have in some ways ceded our power to these political organizations and I think the time has come to take that back. Not abolish political parties, but simply return them to an appropriate place.”

The April 21 BRADCAST is worth a listen! (www.bradblog.com)


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Fix War-Capitalism with More Democracy?

* I care about Wealth Disparity & International Wall Street abuse.
* Less oligarchy and more democracy.
* War-Capitalism. War for money… when we have no major enemy.
* 60% of our tax money goes to war for profit… and not mine.
* A good sufficient education
* Infrastructure, water, power, air and public transportation
* Women’s rights. Pay equity and social equality.
* True LGBT rights… total equality.
* The end of systematic government oppression based on skin color
* Mass incarceration and criminal justice reform. End legalized slavery.
* Union rights and American workers – the crime of outsourcing.
* Banking freedom for the scammers who break the law and get slaps on the wrist, or a big bonus while robbing our families of their savings.
One of the greatest things about 2015 and 2016 is that the idea that war-capitalism can be reset, redone and retired has been mainstreamed. We are all focused and changed by this. People have been overly focused on the White House. That’s how Americans are… “who will be our new parents?” But the IDEAS that we can be free of CORPORATE and OLIGARCH TYRANNY … we have the power of democracy to become free again… is a joyful thing. And I am running into more and more people who are saying, some for the first time, “It doesn’t have to be this way anymore…”
They are exactly right.

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Corporation Quote of the Day: W. Berry

“This massive ascendancy of corporate power over democratic process is probably the most ominous development since the end of World War II, and for the most part “the free world” seems to be regarding it as merely normal.”
Wendell Berry, Bringing it to the Table: On Farming and Food

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The Fault for Paris?

Remember: ISIS and AL QAEDA in IRAQ would not exist had Cheney not lied us into "war" (invasion, murder, occupation) in Iraq on behalf of his oil plans. Cheney could not have done any of that had Bush not *ceded power to the Vice President's office. ISIS and AL QAEDA in IRAQ ... and the murders in Paris are therefore, mostly the fault of George W. Bush and his people.

- Corporations_ate_my_BABY!

Fox Owners

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Are you qualified for democracy?

Lower wages, fewer jobs and bleak futures are the result of decisions. If I ask someone “whose decisions?” and they answer “the president.” they are not *yet* qualified to engage in democracy.

That’s when I do my best to explain what the legislative branch is (2 houses of congress, the house based on population, and the senate based on a “2 each” model.) Then I tell them that they make their decisions based on who pressures them.

Then I tell them that both parties pretty much only listen to the richest and most powerful. Then I tell them that this means the top 0.1% is making the choices regarding our experience of our economy.

Then if they can still follow me, I tell them that getting money out of politics would immediately change the decisions of law makers. Without even discussing the overreach of the supreme court and if they heard me, they are now (possibly) qualified to engage in democracy.

Do you do something like this?

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Disconnect the levers!

I post a lot of facts that should make right-wingers see the light… but they don’t.

“Conservatives” love power.  The facts don’t matter.

If you make the non-rich a struggling working class with very little access to services, you have a ruling class that get to be treated as gods. So far every society ends up going that way before it falls.  Every second we don't vote to tax them more; tax their upper brackets at 90% - and even tax wealth above a billion dollars at 100%, we are in danger of ending the America of our Constitution.

“That lever does damage!”

A world dominated by violent totalitarians (like China or some alliance between former communist nations -- or hell... the Saudi Kingdom) could/would be a dark age that we may never come back from... (unless they stop burning fossil fuels and just hook us all up to pedals.) Without democracy, honest exploration of human potential and scientific discovery (beyond weaponry) ceases.  It's nice that we know why a minimum wage hike would be beneficial, or how climate change works against Wall Street banks and insurance, but before we try to convince rightwing zealots, first we have to disconnect the levers that they manipulate the system with.  Money must be removed from policy.  Until then, we can be "right" all day long but they will use their "might" ... and end the republic.

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Pledge Allegience To The Madness?

Gawd Bless Owrr Cuntree

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Conservative Movement is Causing the GOP to Overreach…Intentionally

*Conservatism is not a party, it is a movement that utilizes a party; in this case the Republican Party.*

The modern conservative movement is being funded and used by a group of people who have always existed; The Economic Elite or “Royalists” who are always there to divide the people and use a portion of them (their votes) for continued distribution of the nation’s wealth “upward” into their private possession.

Possession and control of the wealth of a nation has one crude and eternal goal: “More!”

*The Family that inherited and owns Wal*Mart wants more money. They don’t have a passion for stores or service or America, they have a passion for more power via more possession of wealth. They use conservatism to control people in order to get that eternal goal to continue coming true. They join a movement to alter the thoughts of people such that the continued theft of national wealth is “moral” in their argument.

*To the Movement Conservatives, “Government Intrusion” is a good definition for a health insurance policy, but not a transvaginal ultrasound if you want an abortion. Government intrusion is anything that costs them money to benefit you.

*To the Movement Conservatives, government intrusion is code for
“regulation of the wealthy,” and they always promise white men that
someday when they too become wealthy they will be glad we fought

MORALITY* is the wedge.

To Movement Conservatives, “Morality” is any emotion that will not translate into successful action.

(Denying women abortions or contraception will not successfully halt the American expression of sexuality outside the varying dictates of religious dogma.)

Moral offense is any policy that will succeed in solving problems for the most citizens.

(Early sex education and health care for girls extends the age of first sexual experience by around 2 years and reduces teen pregnancy rates significantly).

The Kleptocrats and Movement Conservatives want your boss to be able to “morally object” to any aspect of your health care they so desire on religious grounds. They want to object to you using contraception because of danger to innocent life.

But what if a boss wanted to “morally object” to you legally owning firearms? There are significant religious reasons to do so. There are very strong statistics on the danger to innocent life and insurance premiums are higher as a result.

Can you see the hypocrisy?

They are engaging in real, criminal, tragic overreach. But as a movement, they don’t care about that. There is a bigger picture.

They don’t care about any hypocrisy, because in the long game, it doesn’t matter. What matters is rolling back the NEW DEAL itself, which they are doing, and they have decades to move the ball down the field.

Is there a solution to this long game, and the fact that conservatism is winning it? Yes. The answer is complex but it certainly doesn’t lie in relying only on a political party. The winning team knows this. It’s time progressives really embrace this truth… and begin a much smarter movement themselves.

– Corp

Click here to see that overreach in action:
Rachel Maddow video: GOP out on a political limb overreaching to construct anti-Democratic narrative – http://on.msnbc.com/yysks3

More Overreach. This one will cost a governor his hopes for being vice president or president in his lifetime:


Here is the brilliant Maddow Thesis that the GOP is playing and winning a long game of shoving us to the right because we keep trying to reason with them:


The short link for this article is:



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