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What is a “B Corporation?”

What is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are a new type of corporation which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

B Lab, a nonprofit organization, certifies B Corporations, the same way TransFair certifies Fair Trade coffee or USGBC certifies LEED buildings.

B Corps, unlike traditional businesses:

    1. Meet comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards; 

    1. Meet higher legal accountability standards;

  1. Build business constituency for public policies that support sustainable business. 

There are over 450 Certified B Corporations across 60 different industries. From food and apparel for you and your family to attorneys and office supplies for your business, B Corporations are a diverse community with one unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

Through a company’s public B Impact Report, anyone can access performance data about the social and environmental practices that stand behind their products.

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