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It’s Official: The GOP is the party of “Duh”

In this new video:

I discuss the funny yet tragic decay of the once “permanent” ruling party of Bush & Cheney. The GOP refuses to become moderate so as to join in shaping policy but instead, beholden to big corporate money, continues to give loyalty tests to it’s members reducing it’s once swelling ranks to 4 million of the STUPIDEST old southern white christianist people you ever did see…

The GOP equals the “Party Of Duh” y’all.

We start out with Jonathan Alter and Keith Olbermann making the case… and then yours truly, “Corp” shows some southern hospitality!

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Part 2 – The Keith Olbermann Special Comment Regarding “the Wilson heckling”

It appears that Keith Olbermann was writing a very similar message to the one I was recording for this video.
Keith’s is better:

The last 2 minutes knock it out of the park!!

On African American Talk Radio shows, it was not lost on the callers that the first president ever to be heckled was bi-racial (Black) and the heckler was a known racist. I am offended right along with them. I don’t have a right to be free from offense… but if all of us join together, the offender will be held accountable for his risk.

Maureen Dowd on the subject:




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A December 2007 Interview With Corp (Yours Truly)

This interview was conducted By Robert Larson on his show “Out The Rabbit Hole” On KUCI FM in Irvine California

Just Click Here:

This gives you an idea of how a lot of us political bloggers fell into this work & what my thought process was before we knew Obama was going to be the candidate … and the president.

What you hear is the sound of someone who was a far lefty his whole life and decided that he had to reach out to everyone.

Today we see that this was correct in that the lunatic right is a very small group now.

– Corp

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