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Fix War-Capitalism with More Democracy?

* I care about Wealth Disparity & International Wall Street abuse.
* Less oligarchy and more democracy.
* War-Capitalism. War for money… when we have no major enemy.
* 60% of our tax money goes to war for profit… and not mine.
* A good sufficient education
* Infrastructure, water, power, air and public transportation
* Women’s rights. Pay equity and social equality.
* True LGBT rights… total equality.
* The end of systematic government oppression based on skin color
* Mass incarceration and criminal justice reform. End legalized slavery.
* Union rights and American workers – the crime of outsourcing.
* Banking freedom for the scammers who break the law and get slaps on the wrist, or a big bonus while robbing our families of their savings.
One of the greatest things about 2015 and 2016 is that the idea that war-capitalism can be reset, redone and retired has been mainstreamed. We are all focused and changed by this. People have been overly focused on the White House. That’s how Americans are… “who will be our new parents?” But the IDEAS that we can be free of CORPORATE and OLIGARCH TYRANNY … we have the power of democracy to become free again… is a joyful thing. And I am running into more and more people who are saying, some for the first time, “It doesn’t have to be this way anymore…”
They are exactly right.

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Activists Face Enormous Challenges

Corporations_ate_my_Baby?! What? Huh? (a Facebook posting)

I started being "Corp" in 2004 on mySpace. We were the first really active daily politics bloggers and post-monkeys on MySpace when it first started.  It was a trip! Thousands of like minded people all finding one another and posting about everything from climate change to 9/11 theories. Those were the days. We all met each other then too. We organized and marched against Bush policies.  People also hooked up like crazy. There are a lot of mySpace babies going into 4th and 5th grade this year.
I went onto other sites like Tumblr, WordPress and YouTube to try my activism there. Ultimately I got swept into Facebook where I had a private profile with over 2000 daily readers.  Then they had their pre-IPO massacre and my profile was nuked.

Today I have 733 "Likes" on a "fan page" or whatever this is... which "reaches" 1,700 people a day and I try my best to post stuff that shows the progress we make and the stupidity on the other side.   But it's not the same as the old days. We all know that. FB controls and limits us in comparison to "MySpace Tom" - and while the various "politics groups" are fun, they are nowhere near as intense as the old blogs were.
In many ways, socially the western world is better than it ever was before.   We are less brutal, more scientific... and better at meeting basic needs. In other ways things are worse than the Gilded age.   Those who don't have, suffer horribly.  Their children cannot break out of poverty... and if they are not pink-skinned, their lives are worth less and they often die horribly.   Humans of all hues are not doing what is required to stop the super-heating of our globe.  Things are going to be terrible for a lot of humans in the future.  I feel terrible for letting my great-grandchildren/nieces/nephews/cousins down.
Things are going to get worse-- and one day they will get bad enough to where we organize and chop the heads off of the "ruling class" (oligarchs.)  I wish we could just be civilized about it... but... money.   Corporations_ate_our_Civil_Options.

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In 2015 you have ONE job.

Fox News apparently doesn’t believe that Obama is a war-time president. Though down-shifted, the Oil Wars are still raging. Fox and GOP-fundraisers are already talking about expanding American international warfare.   Those are our choices now, low-burn war or super-war. How did we get stuck here? Reaganomics and WEALTH INEQUALITY.   If you want this to change you have to get back in touch with your inner Democratic-Socialist — and your inner Street Protester and … your inner CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT signer. –

Want clean oceans? Want clean energy? Want to end war? Want to bring jobs home? Want to protect animals from cruelty? Want to protect children from poisons? Want to protect women from being enslaved by theocracy? Want to jail bad bankers? Want to take weapons away from city and county policing? Want to see more opportunities for regular Americans? Want to be able to buy a home? Want to be out of debt? Want universal single payer healthcare?

One thing is overarching all of our actions. One thing must happen first. We must get money out of politics and scare the hell out of the ultra-rich by SHEER NUMBERS of ANGRY AMERICANS on strike in the STREET.  Our fury, our votes, our lawsuits… but mostly our numbers with a SINGLE DEMAND.  Think about it for 2015

Do you remember what big protests look like?

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To 21st Century Capitalist Oligarchs, a WARNING

A warning.

You, decedents of the great western industrial capitalism, you have today ruined it all by allowing your scheme to spread and choke off the host.  Your new capitalism snuffs out democracy. Your modern capitalism even destroys our traditional markets … our MERCANTILE history.

You greedy pigs have killed it all and now your brand of capitalism, as well as 20th century capitalism must be fully replaced.   You shat your own nest until it was irretrievable, not-recyclable and irredeemable. You made a pile of shit with nest pieces hidden within.  We cannot live here. We will not. Your privileges are soon to be revoked. Grab your cash and run away.

Or face us. Face the overwhelming masses against you. – Corporations_ate_my_Baby!

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OK Corp, I get what you’re against; what are you FOR?

I’m against Corporate Power, American Empire, Pollution, Being Fined and Hassled By Bureaucrats, Religion & Stupidity – We all gripe, we all complain but what are we FOR??

Here’s a list of WHAT I AM FOR*


1. Peace.

No attacking other nations – defense yes, but only on our own shores. Occasionally lending support to others. I’m against the existence of Nuclear weaponry. Since it’s here, we must have worldwide rules regarding the use of nuclear power and weapons. We must obey them, we must ask others to obey them. We must stop loose nukes and nuclear crazies from getting too powerful. It’s tragic because the Nazis and the US unleashed this crap on the world and now we have to have our noses in everyone’s business. I’m for peace, I’m not for imposing peace on others, but nukes have made that a sticky subject best expanded on in a future blog. I can say this much, we could do just fine taking 90 percent of the Pentagon budget for social programs and still have an Awesome Defense. I’m for replacing the Pentagon with a basic armed service and a lot of services for the people similar to the ones in Sweden.


2. Highly regulated capitalism.

I hate Super-Capitalism… but what that really means is we have woefully underregulated capitalism. I will refer to that as either “unregulated” or “super” – Unregulated capitalism is fascism. I love Co-Op markets, but they are still a form of capitalism. I don’t agree with some of my friends that ALL CAPITALISM needs to go just yet. Someday we can have a resource based economy, that is an ULTIMATE DREAM, but we are not there yet… and I want to be strategic. The next step towards a world not PREDICATED on GREED, is a world of highly regulated capitalism balanced with the NATIONS GDP prioritized to the social needs of the many. Which leads to #3…

3. Social Democracy.

When capitalism threatens democracy, which it has since Ancient Greece, we, the people must look at our constitution’s preamble to remember our mission. The lives, liberties, happiness, safety, and GENERAL WELFARE of the PEOPLE is the first priority of government. Social Democracy is a focus for the democratic form of government. Yes our votes guide our destiny. yes simple majorities can lead to new laws, and super majorities can change old established laws, and YES, the minority’s rights are protected throughout, but the priority is now ALWAYS for the GREATEST NUMBER of people and against consolidated wealth, power and influence. The Scandinavian countries are the best example of how well social democracy can work. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greenland…. these are the Scandinavian (post-Viking/Thor worshiping) nations. They pay some big taxes, but they get it all back and more, they get amazing Medical, great totally free educations through Doctorates if they have the grades. They get vacations, good jobs, help with housing, help with building their families. They get amazing lives. Every single one of them. Some are rich, some are nearly poor. The rich have two houses… filled with MUCH nicer things. The poor have a government apartment with the basics. But everyone is healthy, everyone has an equivalent experience of being free to do as they wish. The vast majority of Danes are Middle Class. And they are the happiest nation on earth by all measurements.


* Some would say, yeah, but Corp… doesn’t that mean “big government?” I don’t like “big government”… to which I say, “you wouldn’t like government that was too small to help or protect you either” – “big” is a lazy designation for government… what you want to look at is “good” … or “effective for you”.  The myth is that if government is big it will *ALWAYS* abridge your freedom… burying you in rules. You even have some good evidence on your side. When Reagan took over from Carter he ballooned the government. When Bush Sr. took over he grew it even more. Clinton shrunk it… it was by no means small but it was smaller and more efficient.  Bush Jr. bloated it beyond all records. – Still, the problem was not it’s size but it’s inefficiency, it’s ineffectiveness for you, and it’s promotion of predatory capitalism. In a nutshell Bush’s govt. GOVERNED BADLY. For a while, CLINTON’S GOVERNMENT GOVERNED WELL.


Under Clinton:

*We not only paid off the deficit, we had a surplus.

*We had the most Americans start college in US History

*We had the lowest crime and the largest “head start” program attendence.

*The rich got rich and the poor went middle class.

*Child care, gay rights, public health and more all improved.

*Peace expanded – the US was far less militant than at anytime since 1939.


Was it perfect? Not even close. Did Clinton screw things up? Yes. He did many things, NAFTA and FOX NEWS are but 2 things attributable to the triangulation/centrism-caused failures of his administration to protect us.


Social Democracy will pull us out of this tug of war between appeasing the elite and submitting to the elite with strong regulations & a REQUIREMENT that all business benefit the most people possible.  Social Democracy will end the effects of money on governance. We will have GOOD government, and it will be the size required to provide service and protection from (mostly domestic) enemies of our general welfare.


[ yes, our “King” is the constitution]


4. I am for the ecosystem. When greed & grabbing run the show in any pocket of human grouping, the land, sky, water, flora and fauna all suffer horribly.


As i stands today we are like a rash, a cancer, an infection on the planet. we destroy the “lungs” of our planet; we destroy the homes of non-human beings essential to the balance of life. We dump toxic chemicals and pollution everywhere.

We kill people, yes, we torture them too… but we kill and torture plants and animals far more brutally as the “dominant” species we seem to be.  We use mass delusions like religion to ignore our destruction and our responsibilities to keep our nests clean. Our beliefs tell us that whatever we want is what “god” wants. We fear different races, creeds, colors, and orientations… yes… but we fear wolves and sharks for no good reason and we drive them to dangerously low populations.


And we make plastic. We make non biodegradable toxic shit… and we dump it in the oceans to kill all life around it. Those of us who are smart, know who is behind this particular big of insanity: Big Chemical Cos like MONSANTO, BASF, EXXON, CHEVRON, DOW, SHELL. DuPont, INEOS and even BAYER.




But my first three on the list will go a long way in improving America’s portion of responsibility for no. 4. The rest is Science… I am FOR SCIENCE!!… and diplomacy. I am for diplomacy. Rational Thinking… I am for rational thinking.



I am FOR Peace, Highly Regulated Capitalism, Social Democratic Government (that’s big enough), Science, Diplomacy, Rational Thinking and the Ecosystem.

What are you for??

– Corp

p.s. this blog was born out of a need to start calling all the lazy thinking “everything is bad” types out. It’s so easy to say “they’re all bad!”… yeah? well use your brain… whats “good” then?


Here’s an example where both European Social Government is “bad” and American Capitalism is “bad” because it’s the government… and all government is “bad”… yeah? Move to Somalia!

^ watch!!

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