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Activists Face Enormous Challenges

Corporations_ate_my_Baby?! What? Huh? (a Facebook posting)

I started being "Corp" in 2004 on mySpace. We were the first really active daily politics bloggers and post-monkeys on MySpace when it first started.  It was a trip! Thousands of like minded people all finding one another and posting about everything from climate change to 9/11 theories. Those were the days. We all met each other then too. We organized and marched against Bush policies.  People also hooked up like crazy. There are a lot of mySpace babies going into 4th and 5th grade this year.
I went onto other sites like Tumblr, WordPress and YouTube to try my activism there. Ultimately I got swept into Facebook where I had a private profile with over 2000 daily readers.  Then they had their pre-IPO massacre and my profile was nuked.

Today I have 733 "Likes" on a "fan page" or whatever this is... which "reaches" 1,700 people a day and I try my best to post stuff that shows the progress we make and the stupidity on the other side.   But it's not the same as the old days. We all know that. FB controls and limits us in comparison to "MySpace Tom" - and while the various "politics groups" are fun, they are nowhere near as intense as the old blogs were.
In many ways, socially the western world is better than it ever was before.   We are less brutal, more scientific... and better at meeting basic needs. In other ways things are worse than the Gilded age.   Those who don't have, suffer horribly.  Their children cannot break out of poverty... and if they are not pink-skinned, their lives are worth less and they often die horribly.   Humans of all hues are not doing what is required to stop the super-heating of our globe.  Things are going to be terrible for a lot of humans in the future.  I feel terrible for letting my great-grandchildren/nieces/nephews/cousins down.
Things are going to get worse-- and one day they will get bad enough to where we organize and chop the heads off of the "ruling class" (oligarchs.)  I wish we could just be civilized about it... but... money.   Corporations_ate_our_Civil_Options.

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Separation of Church and State, not a “Judeo-Christian value?”

Some genius on a friend’s thread about the pledge of allegiance , went on a rant about how America was “founded on Judeo-Christian principles, that the “Separation of Church and State has been turned on it’s head…” and of course that our founders wanted America to be Christian.

After asking for a definition of “Judeo-Christian Values” I added this comment to the thread:

“When my grandmother was worshiping and praying to her savior, Jesus Christ, if you called her a “Christian” she would slap you in the face. The thing that has been turned on it’s head in the past few decades is the sweeping under the rug of the PROFOUND differences between sects of protestantism, not to mention the irreconcilable schisms between protestant and catholic or catholic and Greek orthodox worship of the New Testament. — “We’re all Christians” is a statement of absolute ignorance of the stark differences in belief of the worlds great religions and the separate versions of the one that uses the new testament. One of the reasons the SEPARATION of CHURCH and state was implemented has never “turned”… it is to keep your sect safe from the others.
Every sect … or nearly every one… makes it clear that all the others are wrong. If there is an afterlife (no evidence of that exists) and you have to be a protestant to have a good one, you still have only 1 in 23 THOUSAND chances of picking the right one. If you factor in all of the religions that have more than a million adherents who also believe in an afterlife that is dependent on believing the “right” thing, you have a 1 in 200,000 chance of picking the right one.
The separation of Church and State lets you live your life in the “wrong one” without letting any other sect persecute you. By not allowing the government to choose Catholic, you are safe as a protestant… by not allowing the Government to test candidates to make sure that they are Episcopalian, you as a Baptist may be elected.
I cannot think of a better value than, “let me believe what I want… and let there be no test of those beliefs If I seek public service.” Jews and “Christians” do not value that. They traditionally value adherence to one value whilst slaughtering tribes that believe differently. It is one of the 10 commandments not to allow those who choose the wrong belief to live with your tolerance. That is a shitty value.
Our deist founders held NO such values.”  Our deist founders, many of them, preferred what today would be called, atheism, or the rejection of supernatural claims, as anything other than hypothetical.

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In 2015 you have ONE job.

Fox News apparently doesn’t believe that Obama is a war-time president. Though down-shifted, the Oil Wars are still raging. Fox and GOP-fundraisers are already talking about expanding American international warfare.   Those are our choices now, low-burn war or super-war. How did we get stuck here? Reaganomics and WEALTH INEQUALITY.   If you want this to change you have to get back in touch with your inner Democratic-Socialist — and your inner Street Protester and … your inner CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT signer. –

Want clean oceans? Want clean energy? Want to end war? Want to bring jobs home? Want to protect animals from cruelty? Want to protect children from poisons? Want to protect women from being enslaved by theocracy? Want to jail bad bankers? Want to take weapons away from city and county policing? Want to see more opportunities for regular Americans? Want to be able to buy a home? Want to be out of debt? Want universal single payer healthcare?

One thing is overarching all of our actions. One thing must happen first. We must get money out of politics and scare the hell out of the ultra-rich by SHEER NUMBERS of ANGRY AMERICANS on strike in the STREET.  Our fury, our votes, our lawsuits… but mostly our numbers with a SINGLE DEMAND.  Think about it for 2015

Do you remember what big protests look like?

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Conservative Movement is Causing the GOP to Overreach…Intentionally

*Conservatism is not a party, it is a movement that utilizes a party; in this case the Republican Party.*

The modern conservative movement is being funded and used by a group of people who have always existed; The Economic Elite or “Royalists” who are always there to divide the people and use a portion of them (their votes) for continued distribution of the nation’s wealth “upward” into their private possession.

Possession and control of the wealth of a nation has one crude and eternal goal: “More!”

*The Family that inherited and owns Wal*Mart wants more money. They don’t have a passion for stores or service or America, they have a passion for more power via more possession of wealth. They use conservatism to control people in order to get that eternal goal to continue coming true. They join a movement to alter the thoughts of people such that the continued theft of national wealth is “moral” in their argument.

*To the Movement Conservatives, “Government Intrusion” is a good definition for a health insurance policy, but not a transvaginal ultrasound if you want an abortion. Government intrusion is anything that costs them money to benefit you.

*To the Movement Conservatives, government intrusion is code for
“regulation of the wealthy,” and they always promise white men that
someday when they too become wealthy they will be glad we fought

MORALITY* is the wedge.

To Movement Conservatives, “Morality” is any emotion that will not translate into successful action.

(Denying women abortions or contraception will not successfully halt the American expression of sexuality outside the varying dictates of religious dogma.)

Moral offense is any policy that will succeed in solving problems for the most citizens.

(Early sex education and health care for girls extends the age of first sexual experience by around 2 years and reduces teen pregnancy rates significantly).

The Kleptocrats and Movement Conservatives want your boss to be able to “morally object” to any aspect of your health care they so desire on religious grounds. They want to object to you using contraception because of danger to innocent life.

But what if a boss wanted to “morally object” to you legally owning firearms? There are significant religious reasons to do so. There are very strong statistics on the danger to innocent life and insurance premiums are higher as a result.

Can you see the hypocrisy?

They are engaging in real, criminal, tragic overreach. But as a movement, they don’t care about that. There is a bigger picture.

They don’t care about any hypocrisy, because in the long game, it doesn’t matter. What matters is rolling back the NEW DEAL itself, which they are doing, and they have decades to move the ball down the field.

Is there a solution to this long game, and the fact that conservatism is winning it? Yes. The answer is complex but it certainly doesn’t lie in relying only on a political party. The winning team knows this. It’s time progressives really embrace this truth… and begin a much smarter movement themselves.

– Corp

Click here to see that overreach in action:
Rachel Maddow video: GOP out on a political limb overreaching to construct anti-Democratic narrative – http://on.msnbc.com/yysks3

More Overreach. This one will cost a governor his hopes for being vice president or president in his lifetime:


Here is the brilliant Maddow Thesis that the GOP is playing and winning a long game of shoving us to the right because we keep trying to reason with them:


The short link for this article is:



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