A Movement to the Left

Friends, Americans, Patriots.
I'd like to discuss the seriously sick goals of the American Right, the GOP and their corporate owners as it relates to elections in 2020 and 2024, and what we need to be prepared to do to stop those goals from ever coming to fruition.
Whenever there are big political movements the people who want to hold on to the old ways *don’t tend to do as well as the people with a new vision over time. A movement, in American politics , is a powerful thing. There was a deep and large movement that swept FDR into the white house. The same is true of Reagan and Gingrich. Whoever has the “let’s conserve things as they are and merely update as necessary” pitch to the voter does well in good times. When there is a movement, however, the movement builds and if it gets big enough, it wins.
The Obama goals were • “let’s keep things as they are but stop blocking the traditional roles of government.”
• “What do you say we improve funding for the current health care system?”
• “Let’s take fighting troops out of the Bush wars, leaving lots of advisers and use lots of drones?”
• “To get the wealthy to pay their fair share, let’s allow some ridiculous Bush tax cuts to sunset…”
• “To improve the lives of most Americans, let’s raise the minimum wage to $11 in 2040” (lol)
While the GOP has very different goals that are all about changing everything. They want top-down royal power who is a white “strong man”… who will make America WHITE again. Make America HATE again. RE-CRIMINALIZE being any race other than pink, any religion other than protestant christian and any kind of woman other than obedient, pregnant and making *sammiches at home. They want a new pink-ruled world of sharks and fish in the market place. Those who cheat best own and keep the whole game of monopoly… again, because that power will keep the non-pink-people DOWN. They want to feel strong and righteous as bombs kill brown people all over the world. They’ll live in a cracker-box house as long as the black family lives in a hut or under a tarp. Everyone will say, “I love Jesus…” or they will be hassled, beat up and maybe kicked out to the neutral zone. They have a vision. They are not messing around. They want states to be able to nullify the constitution when it comes to race and rights. Their owners want to be free of regulations state by state, but the voters figure that’s the cost of stopping the loss of white male privilege.
I think some of us… definitely me and a lot of my friends,  prefer to have our own goals for the future. We want a vision of the future that moves us farther down the FDR road, and doesn’t merely preserve what we have. We wish candidates for all branches would run on things like **this:


• Universal Single Payer Not For Profit Healthcare including Dental.
• Universal Single Payer Not For Profit Public College
• Universal College Loans with total debt forgiveness after 10 years.
• Universal Quality Childcare for All Americans
• Universal Pre-K for all Americans
• Improved K-12 (not teaching to a test) for all Americans
• Children shall be safe from abuse and molestation, the punishments are stricter and the supervision of children in public and private institutions will be on camera and analyzed by specialized behavior recognition systems.
• Gaslighting women who are victims of sexual abuse is now illegal. Lawyers may not impune the victim to create doubt in a jury.
• Equal pay for women after the UBI and more time off for all new families as well as tax paid support personnel from your states and counties. Moving homes, the first weeks of a new baby and other family needs are now covered by your society.
• A super smart power grid powered with no fossil fuel or nuclear rods
• Amend the constitution: Money is property and corporations are legal fictions... not people with rights.
• Maximum wage/ Maximum wealth - every dollar over a billion is taxed at 99% Wealth over a billion must be invested in they UBI system and/or a business that employs others.
* An unconditional basic income (UBI) of 26,500 a year for every adult over 18, adjusted every 4 year for inflation. Guaranteed no matter how much more you make after that... only taxed at 99% after a billion.
• No income tax on the non-wealthy, any/all deductions from paychecks go to the UBI until your first dollar over $100,000.00 per individual.
• A new layer of public order called "Constables" who highly intelligent trained professionals who keep the peace and de-escalate problems in smaller communities they serve. They are never armed with lethal weapons. They only use tasers in extreme cases and are well trained not to ever let it get that far.
• Armed "Police" will be fewer in number and limited to active shooter incidents.. and other super villains and violent crowds. More robot policing that are programmed not to be afraid of people's skin color.
• Universal guarantee to housing and nursing care for those who are now termed "homeless."
• The right to death with dignity
• Wifi is Universal and paid for by taxes. Boosted wired internet speeds are available for homes and offices and public property, but the connection can be a private company.  The fees would be closer to $10 a month for those companies to maintain your connection.
• Driverless Cars are the norm - the federal government invests in infrastructure.
• Bike lanes are now Bike Highways. Separate structures that are unrelated to roads with cars on them.  A separate system of well made and well maintained highways for those who use travel and errands as exercise.
• Fossil Fuels are rarely used, only for construction and the military
• A smaller military budget... much smaller.
• Full rights to all couples and families of any mix of skin color, sex and gender identification
• Protection of the separation of church and state and the right not to participate in religion
• Automatic birth control in your teen years with full scientific sex education, no exceptions. Automatic STI prevention education and medicines for all Americans. Abortions are legal, safe and at record lows (rare).
• Privacy rights are restored and stronger
• Habeas Corpus is again the law and stronger
• No more theater... fear of terrorism is forbidden. No more TSA. No more scans, pokes, prods.  You simply have trained professionals who say hello to travelers at the check points who know what to look for.  When something happens, we stay calm and refuse to get scared, they update their methods.
• Authoritarian Propaganda on behalf of the corporate class is illegal and punishable by jail and heavy fines.
• The word "News" has a strict definition.  Fox will have to change it's name and much of what it does now will be illegal propaganda.  Knowingly lying to voters by the media is illegal.
• All currently criminalized drugs are all made legal but they (and current prescription drugs) are very highly regulated. Profiteering off of and price gouging the taxpayer is strictly forbidden.  No more war on drugs.
Can you think of more?
Keeping things as they are is not a vision for the future.
The fascists have a loud and tarted up vision of the future.
We have a smart one. We should spread the ideas and run on them.
-  Corporations Ate My Baby
P.S.  Thanks to the January 11 edition of the Bradcast at Bradblog.com
for inspiring this thought exercise.
Thanks also to the memory of FDR and to the work of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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