Partisanship? No. Elites either control you or they don’t

When the elites began to use extremists to gain power.

I wrote this during a debate with a fellow who blamed “liberal overreach” during the presidential election of 2000 for the radical right-wing supreme court we see today.  The person who started the thread blamed liberals for “our gun problems.”
I felt he need to write something about the history of partisanship, elections and gun-nuttery.  This came out:

The “partisanship” of our nation has changed a few times in modern history.
After the 1933 attempt to violently overthrow FDR with an army that was to march up to the white house (look up  “the 1933 business plot”) neither neo-liberals (also called fiscal conservatives) nor general-welfare-liberals (also called liberal-progressives and social justice liberals) trusted the party of the Wall St. Fat Cats. So from 1934 until 1951, the GOP was denied the ability to steer the bus.

Eisenhower Republicans were the hope that this party could and would govern, and the crazies, the racists, religious extremists and the secessionists, were effectively blocked from power by the elites in that party. But in 1963-64, when the south was forced to change Jim Crow, the “conservative” took on a whole new meaning. (Even Ronald Reagan as governor saw the danger and passed a LOT of gun control. He was also scared of armed black men having any 2nd amendment rights. )

But it was around 1981 that the crazies got back into the game… and the elite decided to use them for power. The Bushes used Reagan’s crazies and “the moral majority” … and yes, “well behaved” KKK types to sew together a new power that the elites would use… and do use to fuck us all… left right and center. We can’t stop the corporate march to global predatory capitalism. They literally pass laws that say our votes don’t count in “free trade agreements”…

They fear our votes. They fear us knowing the truth. And… they fear you realizing that Florida wasn’t about “liberals”… so don’t scare them. Keep believing. Keep believing.


– Corp

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July 2, 2014 · 3:47 AM

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