Some August ’13 thoughts on bombing Syria

Some thoughts on Syria

(and why it just might be another Billionaire-Investor-Class & Wall Street Cash Shower)

1.  Inspectors are there and the evidence of this supposed international crime isn't in.  Taking action when the evidence isn't in about the claimed reason probably means that there IS EVIDENCE of an UNCLAIMED REASON.  Perhaps some sort of ... oh... I dunno.. FOSSIL FUEL infrastructure?  There have been rumors of a mad race to compete with Russia in providing "Natural" Gas to Europe in the coming decade. Why are they so quick to take action? What is this really about?

2.  The United Nations is not calling for action on an international war crime.  They always do if there is a serious risk of proliferation or escalation. Again, why the hurry?

3. The American People are utterly against it, and the house and senate would at this point be unwilling to spend precious resources on another hunt for doubtful WMD. Bush had to lie and say that we were going to be attacked with NUCLEAR WEAPONS. (Knowingly lying about that was a ticket to JAIL up until Bush Cheney.)  They had to lie to get congress to approve and then to allow enough leeway to become entrenched. This isn't possible today, because, thankfully, the Obama team seems unwilling to lie about our being attacked. Syria didn't attack us and isn't attacking us... so the commander in chief can't attack them and say it's "defending" anything... at least anything we know about.

4. Israel is not calling for an attack (officially). The Arab league is split and also not calling for an attack.  The only people who seem to be into this are NeoCons and pro-business centrists in the USA, CANADA and ENGLAND. This feels like a business move... and the People don't want that anymore.

5. You can't predict what will come from shooting a bunch of expensive weapons into a troubled land. Every single time we have ever done that we got blowback. If you believe Osama Bin Laden "ordered" the attacks of 9/11 then you can trace that back to some scud missiles in Afghanistan.  Even CBS news did a history of our "surgical strikes" and their blow back. Go to the CBS news website. It is a shockingly honest and commendable report.  Shooting a bunch of blow-up into them middle east, unless you are specifically protecting Global Energy Infrastructure seems only to have dire consequences throughout our history.  It's just not something smart people would want to do.... unless... unless... unless.... Corporations ate our Foreign Policy.

Oh… oh yeah…

Oh yeah… and, at the height of the Bush Oil Wars, weapons makers were splitting up 20 billion dollars a QUARTER of NO BID COST PLUS MONEY… and today they are dividing a paltry 5 Billion … they need to be fed.. no?


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