Blaming the President For an Unhealthy Democracy Is Still Like Blaming Ronald McDonald For Unhealthy Hamburgers

“Blaming Ronald Reagan for the way things are is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you get a bad cheeseburger. Neither of them run the company, folks.” – Bobcat Goldthwait

It’s cute that we still think presidents are in charge of EMPIRE. They are not. They are given a small bit of real estate to be in charge of as long as the real power is not disturbed. While my friends rant and spit about the compromised actions of a skinny guy who started out just wanting to help… we are continuously misdirected.

I like Barack Obama. How can you not? Have you read his Wikipedia article?

Just the achievements starting with college prep and Occidental College is amazing, but look at how hard he worked SERVING PEOPLE after that! If you care about people, you like this guy.

Meanwhile in the White House, we had presidents from the Democratic Party who tried to balance the war machine with the needs of the people for good schools, clean air and water and good health. Johnson’s great society and war on poverty were brilliant achievements of all three branches of government. Barack Obama would be nowhere near where he is today without those actions of the Democrats in the house, senate and White House… as well as a court friendly to the people over the Empire. When Republicans take power they cede it all to the forces of Empire.

The forces of EMPIRE are global (still mostly Americans) and totally hostile to democracy for anyone but themselves… and even that they don’t love. They want socialism for the wealthy; bail outs for their behavior no matter what risks they take… and authoritarianism for the rest of us. They want us under control.

They want to hide behind their logos and most of all they want unlimited use of a ridiculous military with the goal of making our constitution totally useless… National borders? Ha! They don’t want national sovereignty for anyone. They want a series of cooperative (at first) global monarchs who split up the pie for as few as possible and the many of us can serve them.

After WWII these economic royalists got hold of the national defense complex and along with that came the national “security” complex. It is from Wall Street they rule.
And it is they who are taking the nearly all of the policy actions that we don’t like. A PRESIDENT has limited options when it comes to balancing out our needs and THEIR DEMANDS.

What makes me bristle is that when we attack the few people who actually hold the line between the shitty democracy we have now and total AUTHORITARIAN PLUTOCRACY the Oligarchs are working toward… we’re just kicking the people closest to us because we can reach them.

We’re yelling at the politician who listens rather than focusing our attention on the forces that harm our whole representative system. … mostly because, by design, we can’t see them. They stand above us and piss on us and we complain to Obama for not stopping the “rain”…

We really need to grow up.

Wars are for big global kings to steal resources and make a profit from them.. no matter who they are sold to.

Obama doesn’t like war, that’s a fact. All the biographical evidence proves that. He doesn’t like NSA spying either… but until we understand who runs things and sacrifice our comfort and bodies to take down the forces of EMPIRE… he’s doing what he can and… you guys are kicking HIM.

Meanwhile the invisible” “Emperors” are laughing at all of us.

• Organize Locally
• Cooperate Nationally
• Be willing to sacrifice
• Make the United States Of America UNFRIENDLY to EMPIRE

Sorry, but that’s the only way out of this… not yelling at the guy who has a shitty job with limited power who’s trying to help you.


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One response to “Blaming the President For an Unhealthy Democracy Is Still Like Blaming Ronald McDonald For Unhealthy Hamburgers

  1. On electing American Presidents:

    We are leaving our adolescence as a nation and we cant be children about what we get when we elect a president.

    We have to blame EMPIRE on EMPIRE – So when we get a guy, or a woman in to office that will try to mitigate the situation of empire and oligarchy… we can’t JUST ATTACK HIM for not changing everything right way… because then the other side can sell “greater authority” to the middle of the nation… and guess what… we get REAGAN AGAIN!!!
    Reagan and Bush types are puppets for the oligarchs and NOTHING ELSE.

    We have to start to see presidents as limited creatures who either work for everyone or just the rich. The unlimited potential always rests with the people and their organized actions.

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