The Vault

A formerly agnostic but "spiritual" acquaintance, let's call him Moses, had had a deep emotional experience. He felt something deep... something new. An independent Christian activist preacher (we'll call her Pauline) was present and named the source of his emotional experience, "God" and "Jesus"...

So instead of defining what a god is and having him verify or falsify the claim, Pauline pulls a wonderfully effective slight of hand and co-opts Moses' emotions and makes those the definition of a god ... for that individual... for Moses only.
When I have had those emotions I was lucky not to be surrounded by family and teachers who did that.
• I was allowed to have profound experiences of nature and... they are defined as emotional responses to nature.
• I have profound emotional responses to music.
• I have emotional responses to love.
I do not define those as coming from Jehovah, Allah, Shiva, Zeuss or Odin...or Dumbledore.
Take a moment and consider why those definitions cannot work for me.
Making something that cannot be seen or measured the source of your inner life is like locking your emotions in a vault; a vault of hypothetical ideas serving some very instinctual tribal emotions. My thoughts don't let me lock myself away in fantasy because I don't give into to tribal emotions. I don't give into others trying to define my emotions to serve a group.

I feel our founders, the radicals who wrote the mission statement of this troubled nation, wanted us to be free of that vault.


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