After 235 years, did King George just win?

The machines of governing and war are being outsourced to international money and business.

Our founders understood that consolidated money, often inherited, was the definition of Aristocracy.

Aristocratic power cannot be checked by public opinion nor by citizens' votes.

Without checks and balances, we won't be a self governing democratic republic anymore.

King George/East India Co is back in control... 235 years and we lose the war?

•We lose the dream?

•We lose the planet to global aristocracy?

Not as long as I can write, vote, protest and we can sue.
  But if we don't understand what's happening to us we can't organize, and if we can't organize and the Aristocrats take control of all power functions in our society, then we will get a king again.  When are we going to turn off the TV and organize for Social Democracy?


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