Can you guess how much of the National Security (spy) Budget goes to private “digital Blackwater” corporations like Carlyle, Booz, Kaki, Narus, SAIC, Chertoff Group, Northrop Grummond?
That means 7 out of 10 tax dollars goes to a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION some of which are global or trans-national. Narus is one of those.

We share our government with all of our citizens. Unfortunately, some of our citizens want to take 7 out of 10 things from the rest of us. 4000 people would like to take 9.999 leaving the other 320 million with 0.001.
This is the scandal.
Don’t listen to Sen. Aquabuddha or his dad. Don’t listen to Hannity. 

We the people share this nation… and the richest and most powerful don’t want the shares to be even close to fair.


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