Obama vs. Leaks

Obama vs. Leaks

Why does the president hate leaks so much more than we expected? Why does he seem to take such forceful and darkly reported action on Americans who leak what’s happening in his administration? No president has ever suffered leaks without blowing a gasket, but what could they do? Not much… it would look too sinister to the voting public to quash the voice of journalism; to outwardly infringe on the people’s right to know.

I can think of 4 reasons Obama is so anti-leak in both attitude and action.

1. The dark truth has come out: he has always been hostile to the whistle-blower and the press who prints the facts that threaten his power.

2. He has changed; President Obama has been transformed by power into someone he never was before. The man who consistently loved and took actions to make government transparent, now invested with unimagined authority thinks he knows what’s best and demands unchallenged authority to give us what he thinks we need. Or simply he’s seen so much ugliness in the world around us that in order to keep us safe, he must do what was once anathema to him.

3. His political enemies are engaging in a non-stop war of dirty tricks against him in a way he had never anticipated and all of his “leak stopping” is really more like “mud stopping” or maybe even “coup stopping.” He’s covering himself… but not from things he things the voters won’t like, but rather from the incoming bombs of the vastly over-funded right wing attack machine.

4. The president can’t do what he wants in certain arenas and the American people must not know that. Obama appears to be doing some good and some evil, but the evil is actually the ongoing actions of a permanent power structure that was there long before he arrived and will be there long after he’s gone. He looks like a hypocrite because he is signing off on things that he abhors… because the military complex calls those particular shots.  The military complex also demands that the president be their face. He’s caught and he’s dancing between the poles.

Choice 1: that he is a trojan horse of darkness, just doesn’t make any sense. Everyone who ever got into power in the Federal Government and then abused it, left a trail of clear clues that this was the road they were destined to take. Dick Cheney was the only representative in the house who disagreed with his party’s reprimand of Reagan for the IRAN CONTRA SCANDAL. He said even then that a president should be able to do anything he wanted without congress’ approval.  Obama has never said or shown such a proclivity.

Choice 2: that he has changed might have some validity if he’s seen something dark and dangerous that we have not, and feels he cannot tell us about it. I think he’d have to be a sucker on that however. Every threat he’s ever detailed from outside the United States has been a lot less dangerous than slipping in a bathtub and a lot less virulent and hair trigger than home grown racists and extremists here at home.

But it’s choices 3 and 4 that ring truest to me. President Obama, new in town and full of dreams of defending the working class from an Oligarchy that needed reigning in, was wary from the beginning of the sheer power wielded by K-Street Lobbyists and the Plutocratic, Kleptocratic Oligarchs that they represent. I think he was genuinely surprised by the mouth breathing Orc-Monkeys from the bible belt and how radicalized they became. I think he didn’t want to believe what Fox and Limbaugh and Right Wing hate and Hate-Speaking Christianity could do to the brain centers of reason and even self interest.

I also think that the same people
•that ended the Vietnam-Paris peace talks early;

•that held the Iranian Hostages back;

•that set up Gary Hart to be busted with a pretty blond Donna Rice;

•that sold arms to Iran in violation of our laws and treaties and lied to us about the coked out SS troops in Nicaragua and El Salvador (so that major corporations didn’t have to pay a dime more for labor or raw materials) who were killing and torturing peasants.
•that “swift-boated” John Kerry and “yeeehaaa’d” Howard Dean…those people…are attacking Obama everyday with dirty and dangerous tactics.
I think it must suck to be the president trying to keep your political enemies from framing you or worse. That doesn’t excuse him from whatever crimes he has committed against the innocent by not protesting or trying to stop the killing and torture of the innocent abroad. That doesn’t excuse him from remaining quiet or conciliatory with the banks that are ruining innocent and hard working families. That doesn’t excuse him one little bit from covering up the crimes of Cheney/Rummy/Rice/Bush (Sr & Jr) — and that certainly doesn’t excuse him from looking the other ways as some of those crimes are committed again on his watch.But he would be redeemed if, after getting solid majorities in the house and senate (by doing many things including having an anti-cheating commission in place starting yesterday), he would pull back the curtains and make like Ike: Warn us of the cancer in the system and do some things to cut it and burn it out.
He’s really not such a “paradox,” Maureen, if he has been covering for the evil that he has to tip-toe around on eggshells.

This is the article that inspired this blog post:



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