We are the government; shooting our representatives is self destruction

If an American believes…

that his democratically elected government doesn’t represent him appropriately, and that he cannot get involved in

  1. putting forth a candidate and voting
  2. protesting
  3. suing the government when they go too far, he has two choices:-

a. Gather forces and open fire on the government to try to either “change them” or “secede”

b. Go somewhere else and start a better government … see if he can do better elsewhere.

We are the government.

If we are busy watching “Dancing With The Stars” and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” then the elected government will listen to whomever is left lobbying and pushing and writing and active and organized.

So our skinhead libertarian “patriotic” pal can do his job as an American and go door to door turning off TVs, organizing more and more Americans to change who the elected representatives, and what they have to deal with.

Or — he can be lazy in the eyes of those who died to make this nation and just get guns and shoot at those we all elected because he doesn’t like how they do their job.  He’s the same as a postal worker blowing away everyone at his station.

I’m reading somewhat in-depth about the Whiskey Rebellion in 1793  and what led up to it.  But everyone should just go on Wikipedia and read that basic article. You can see so clearly the difference between and armed insurrection and political change.  This nation is about political change… gun battles are angry outbursts from people not mature or smart enough to be good citizens in a democratic representational republic. The taxation of the Western (Pennsylvania) farmers were unfairly higher than the big grain and whiskey corporations of the east. They had reasonable grievances. But because they had just finished the Revolutionary War, they were still feeling that you shoot and kill when you are taxed without (sufficient) representation. They were wrong, and General George Washington showed them so. Later under a new administration, the taxes were made more fair.

The Royalty of England predicted that our people were not smart enough to handle self governance. Don’t prove them right.
Give up the fantasy that your gun rights are about becoming judge, jury and executioner of our democratically elected representatives.  That’s the opposite of patriotism.

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