Ending the Corporate Takeover in 2013

Since Reagan, adjusted for inflation, the hourly wage for the typical worker has increased $1.23 while the income for the top 1% has increased 275%!

Big money buys big influence, both parties can be bought or intimidated. Those at the top apparently want more – they seem to want it all. Lobbyists, donors and staffers can make this possible. What can counteract this? How do we un-rig this system?

It’s up to you and me and people like us organizing in large enough numbers. Millions who make the water too hot for Goldman Sachs, GE, Exxon, AIG, and all the other players to keep avoiding their taxes and new regulations. We have to turn off the TV & take on the 0.1% together. We have to organize and unionize the whole economy for workers and the 99%.

Without that, they’ll take it all. And you don’t want to live in that world.

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