When our Facebook page hit 400…


Welcome new friends!

Liberal, progressive, socialist… pinko… lefty… I’m with you. We avoided Romney. We got a president who ran this time on taxing the rich to balance out the way our society experiences it’s collective as well as individual wealth… good.

But things are so out of whack. We have to pull the conversation to the injustice we all experience and see if we can’t enjoy even greater wins.

• Fossil Fuel Greed and the resulting…
• Cooking of our environment and making insecticide ridden & plastic laden soda-pop out of the oceans.
• 7 going to 8 billion of us talking monkeys being insanely unwise in the face of it.
• The cruelty of for profit prison and the for profit drug war (and soon for profit “public” schooling) increasing legal slavery…
• The legal “free range” slavery of underpaid workers without unions…
• The divisive hatred of women… skin color… language and culture.. all being used to control us on the Wal*Mart plantation.
• Theft of our wealth and work by simple banking tricks
• Removal of healthy food from our stores being replaced by cheap and genetically modified garbage… eaten by the non-as-rich… resulting in physical suffering.
• Clothing and Technology being made by global wage slavery – harming them… and taking away our nation’s economic mobility.
• The rise of death by starvation while we throw out enough food to feed the entire western hemisphere.
• The divide between the super rich and everyone else is still growing at an alarming rate… risking global war.
• Religiously based ignorance blotting out science and critical thought and also raising the specter of war and conflict… especially as sea levels rise.

Pretty scary picture huh?
The *good news in all of this* is that you and I have social media and our voices are being heard. We are changing the conversation. I dedicate this page to that end.

Spread these ideas… and post some of your own on this page.

Welcome 400 strong. Let’s double it. Next goal: 425

Spread the word. Tell people to “like” this page.

My deepest thanks – Corp


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