“Not Different Enough” Is A Far Cry From Two Parties Being “The Same”

Parties are vehicles.


We define them by who is in the bus and where the bus is driving. That changes sometimes in subtle ways (post Howard Dean for the Dems) sometimes in dramatic ways, (Post Dick Armey Tea Party for the GOP), The most destructive corporate power is the fragile union of Energies, Weapons/Aerospace, Insurance and Big Pharma… with some of the Big Ag and some of the Big Banks.

They don’t own the GOP’s “Bus” … they own a fucking TOW TRUCK that pulls it wherever they want. The Party is powerless – they ceded their destiny to big money and the right wing media.

It is a different story with the Democrats. They have a totally different kind of divided loyalty and segmented corruption competing with well meaning geniuses and well meaning morons. It’s a tin full of detached peanut brittle that can’t even drive the BUS.

My super-progressive friends won’t read this… or maybe they will just skim it getting ready to fill a comment box – post some shit about how they are exactly the same again, because that’s what their emotion centers want to feel… and it makes it hard to think about the nuances.

What I teach here needs to process along with more involvement in local and national politics. That stresses them out.

Don’t be like the “Both Parties are The Same” crowd. See the differences.. and do your civic duty with what we HAVE while you simultaneously work for something better.

Walk and Chew Gum at the same time.

shortlink to this page: http://wp.me/pqMgr-71


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