Wake Up Your Neighbor To Reclaim Democracy?

Let's get something straight.
Though the mechanisms of democracy are still in place and the election must look democratic (no, actually *be democratic with votes of the poor, women, the youth and non-whites "shaved off" a bit), a small minority with money has all the mechanisms it needs to change the will of the majority of people to that which suits dynasty and centralization of wealth and power to *them.
We live in a Plutocracy. This is the case because, 1. Our system is an honors system, and the urge for fascism among that subset of Americans is dishonorable in word and deed. 2. Our population is distracted and well fed (ahem)... and not doing it's civic duty... nor meeting the obligation to merely be informed.
If Romney is installed he did not "win" anything. He will be an interloper; a useful agent for the power that rules us today because we have let go of the wheel.  We who are paying attention this "early" have a duty to awaken others who might get interested if only they understood. 

We do preach to the choir... but especially the dozing members.

Thank you. (small bow)

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