As Far to the Left As the Tea Party is to the Right?

Sometimes I’m so beaten up by the extreme right “tea party” types that I forget what the same on the LEFT would be like.

What would that be? 

The extreme right hates government, does that mean that the extreme left loves it? No. It means it sees a much better form of it for the betterment of "we the people"... "this land was meant for you and me."  And that means a government of SERVANTS for the PEOPLE.  What ever is smartest, healthiest, the best bang for the buck, and this is important, whatever levels the playing field for the most people, is what a Liberal Government is to do.  So let's imagine our "Chamomile Sit-In" shall we?

  1. No factory farming, – the environment is paramount to most ultra liberals. Without loving and tending to the planet like a living thing (which an ecosystem is), we either slowly or quickly kill ourselves and other living things off.  Factory farming, Genetically modified food, petroleum pesticides and fertilizer all has to go. Allowing the price of beef prices to soar because cows are raised humanely and in a greater quality of life will mean we all eat a lot less large animals and more small ones. Before the 80s good beef was always very, very expensive. That is as it should be.  There will be a whole host of new regulations on food, but starting with ending the cruelty and ecological destruction of meat would be a very ultra-lefty way to get the ball rolling.
  2. Solar panels on every roof, Germany is amazing these days. There are no rooftops without solar panels anymore. That’s what we will do in the USA. We will also have solar farms. Add to that wind capture, geothermal (which is capturing the heat of the earth to boil water and spin electric turbines) and one of these days soon, creating little stars inside reactors that provide more electricity than any dirty nuclear plant. Fusion will be all clean and perfectly safe.  We can also make fuels out of Algae. Growing algae will be an environmental benefit because they actually EAT exhaust POLLUTION. So you grow it, you burn fuel made from it to run electric turbines and you place the exhaust pipe over the new tanks of algae and grow more.  Awesome.  You can also capture the movement of ocean waves created by the orbit of the moon. “Lunar Power”.
  3. Nationalize Coal and Oil… Take fossil fuel away from the private corporate market and make it a diminishing part of the commons; a large energy infrastructure: 1. Solar  2. Wind 3. Geothermal 4. Biomass and other renewable sources are now the purview of the people’s government. Energy is no longer for-profit. Those days are over.
  4. The smartest smart grid in the world. Using all energy for each peak demand with computerized switching and battery assist. Part of making energy public is investing in the best technology available. Private businesses compete not with the lowest bids, but with the best innovations at fair prices.
  5. Transportation must become almost totally electric. What does that mean? That means we have street cars again, small golfcart like devices to get from the station to your door. Electric cabs for longer rides. That means when you have personal transportation it is electric and charges from the sun, from wall outlets and public outlets. Some people need longer distances and get a bio-fuel generator as part of their vehicle.  Others need to haul big stuff and they get a license to buy bio-diesel vehicle. Burning gasoline is for airplanes and classic cars with a special license.  Classic cars get converted to batteries over time.
  6. No more trucking produce more than a certain number of miles… and subsidies for local farms…and marketing locally. Growing GMO food to look good and be big… and often flavorless… because it is picked early and driven to stores “still green”… then artificially ripened is not good for any of us. That stuff is sprayed with poisons, grown in petrolium and then trucked at great expense and in a polluting way to stores. We would all be better off with fresh, clean, petro-chemical free local produce. That will be the norm again.
  7. Change the definition of corporation -Besides a constitutional amendment declaring that only natural persons are persons (and that money is property), corporations are no longer the hiding places for international money elites and legacy-dynastic-greed-babies.  They no longer get to hide behind logos and be “without direct liability”. Nope. If they spill oil into the Gulf of Mexico after our new liberal shift, individuals are now on the hook. You watch. Suddenly the environmental standards will go through the roof. Corporations will be defined as “being of benefit to the health and welfare of the people” and no longer as having to profit shareholders first.  Corporations will have to renew their charter every 12 years, and maybe made into a public utility (owned by all the people) at anytime.
    Corporations can no longer legally, lobby government or have revolving doors between the private sector and public service. K Street will become vacant and that will be good for all the people.
  8. Outlaw billionaires. An individual can make $999,999,999. (adjusted for inflation every 5 years) and every dollar past that is either reinvested into a business or many businesses that pay people a decent wage or it is collected by government.  100% tax on very dollar from $1Billion on up. But more than that, assess the cash and holdings of billionaires and TAX the cash holdings too. Make it impossible to have over 1 billion dollars (that are not invested in a business that hires people) at a time. Also have more and higher marginal tax rates  commensurate with the 1950s. (that means each dollar over a certain amount get’s taxed at a much higher rate. This would mean many tiers. )Why? Then the GDP of the USA is distributed in a way that is commensurate with how hard we all work. Just because rich bastards can buy legislation to pay poverty wages and keep a billion dollars each for themselves doesn’t make that “free” or anything close to “liberty” – it’s theft of work. No. We tax that “extra money” and distribute it into medicare for all, better educations for all, better infrastructure and environment for the people.
  9. At the same time, Minimum Wage is  $14/hr (adjusting it for inflation every 5 years) and with universal health care and free education all the way up to MD, single parents will be able to provide as decent a life as married couples for their children.
  10. Banking. It’s gotta be regulated better. But if i am trying to think like an “opposite tea party… ” … hmmm. Ok. Make the FEDERAL RESERVE transparent and let independent law firms audit it regularly and publish the findings online at oh… auditthefed dot org. There are no “too big to fail” because good government limits there size by regulation and by competition. Each state has it’s own public bank that gets FED money at the same rates as BofA and can lend it out and no interest during tough economic times. The Glass Steagall act is restored. That means there is less “casino” behavior from investment bankers and they cannot TOUCH regular bank accounts any longer.
  11. Capitalism will be reduced and mercantilism will make a comeback. Trans-national monoliths will no longer be allowed to do business in the United States of America. All “big” companies will be a lot smaller and more plentiful with full unionization of workforces in every sector. More government regulation means that businesses really will exist to benefit the people of the nation before profits for shareholders. With out huge corporations and with oil NATIONALIZED, the pentagon will no longer be necessary. We can have a military about 10% the size we have now.  The current military exists chiefly to defend private energy and other corporations as the extract valuable substances out of the ground and harm the citizens of those who live near those resources. That will be outlawed. The military will stop invading and dominating other people in their own homes and simply work to defend our borders. We will no longer police the “strategically important” (economically valuable) territories of the world. Our nation will go back to manufacturing the best most advanced tools and appliances for peace and prosperity the world has ever known, and if there is another world war, we can always remember how to make too many crappy planes and vehicles some other time. All spy agencies will be disbanded. All black operations forces will be suspended until the next war. All the branches of the military will have regular separate offices.  They will work to help graduating teens with their role in mandatory 1 year public service. That is where they will get their new recruits. “Hey kid, wanna fly jets?”  With 90% of the cost of the pentagon freed to invest in the people of this nation, we will be more prosperous and healthy since anytime in American history. 90% of $680 billion dollars is $612 billion dollars we can invest in our people. That will change EVERYTHING.
  12. Universal not-for-profit Education for all Americans whenever needed.  There will be a small tax subtracted from your pay after you receive your degree(s) that goes into the fund that pays to educate the next generations.  That fund paid for yours too. Imagine the power of our work force and businesses when we are that educated.  We’ll be able to invent electronic farm workers and toilet cleaners.
  13. Universal Not For Profit Health Care for all. Basic care from the latest science with doctors who are not in debt to medical schools nor enraptured by pharmaceutical reps. Can rich people buy “Rolls Royce” private insurance additional coverage? Sure. They can have facelift policies and hospital suite policies and botox policies… whatever. But Every American has a card in his pocket to go see a doctor if he has a pain or a cyst or a heart attack or a severed limb… and that American gets all the care they need until they are whole. No debate.
  14. Immigration is not required for guest workers. They may come work here, they simply need an easy to attain work visa and they also get $14 an hour but their taxes are a bit higher. They also get access to a US resident-medical card, their children get access to schools and care too. But, good luck finding work, there is a lot of competition.  No one is “illegal.” It is not illegal to be in the United States. It *may have been* illegal to have crossed a border at one point without properly registering.  Once you are here, you are a legal resident.  You must provide a work visa. If you work without an visa, you are deported for non-payment of taxes. Those jobs are gone. Again, a work visa will now be as easy to attain as a drivers license no questions as to how you crossed the borders will be asked. You may now be a citizen of another nation and work here. We welcome you with gratitude.
  15. Artists, musicians, poets, sculptors, who do their work for the work itself will be given a tax waiver up to $250,000.00.  Artists have good years and terrible years. So they often live off of savings from good years. If such an artists makes over 90 thousand in a single year however, they will pay a small portion into an artist fund and they will still contribute to the health and s.s. funds as well as the education fund (if they have degrees).
  16. There will be no homelessness, there will be no for-profit prisons, there will be no huge disparity between the social groupings of the people committing crimes and the social groupings of the prison populations.  We will bring our per capita prison population in line with the averages in Europe. It will be much easier, because we will no longer deny opportunity for early education and good jobs to people because of “the neighborhood they grew up in.” Instead there will be the finest mental hospitals with beautiful grounds.  There will be national service programs for at risk teens. There will be farming and animal training for troubled kids; teens. There  will be specialized educational boardings schools far away from the inner city to give poor families opportunities to see their children raised out of desperation for good and all. Ill treatment of any American due to color of skin, country of origin, gender, orientation, left handedness, or the inability to dance will be harshly dealt with.
  17. Women decide what they want to do about reproducing. No one can tell them what to do. Not even parents can decide for them. Whatever a woman decides, her doctor is legally vested with the power to meet her requirements and constitutionally protected from harassment in doing so. Men are, however, no longer subject to being tricked into being fathers. There will be much more shared responsibility in family courts between both parents. With the new tax laws, deadbeat dads will be much more rare. But gold-digger baby-mamas are gonna get busted too. Early education and cradle to grave universal health care will make all of this MUCH LESS COMMON however. Our family courts will quiet down considerably.
  18. All intoxicants and recreational drugs will be tolerated, some will be fully legal (as alcohol is now) and all will be tightly regulated and controlled, (like wine and beer are now). The government agency overseeing them will be the FDA which will also regulate the drugs Alcohol & and all forms of Tobacco and other smoked and chewed leaves.
  19. Firearms will get their own agency that will prosecute gun crimes in a much harsher way than ever in American history. Gun licenses will be like drivers licenses, checked every 4 years and absolutely required. You know what? Eff it, there will be weed licenses, alcohol licenses and tobacco licenses too.  These fund will help defray the costs of all treating all the fall out from the car accidents, lung cancer, lying around high in bus stations and stupid couch potato giggling these substances create. The Department of firearms is going to make people so scared of the consequences of being stupid with guns that switchblade sales will soar, and knife fights will be back as the predominant gang violence. Gun use will also drop because the poor kids will no longer be filling the streets. They’ll be away in national service and other programs.
  20. Fascists, no matter how long they have been here, will be deported to a new experimental libertarian government in Somalia.All Americans who foment civil war, promote secrecy in government, start wars within or outside of our nation, seek to consolidate power to a few elites and all their foot soldiers who angrily promote racial terrorism, religious terrorism or rule by the rich are to be rounded up and made part of this experiment. War criminals like Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Kissinger will not be allowed out of maximum security prison to go to Somalia However. Their trials will be televised around the world. War criminals will no longer be created by the outlawed national security cabal of the United States.\\\


This is a call for Social Democracy which is the way life is lived in more and more centrist countries that help their people. Since I don't want everyone living on communes and sharing everything and all getting $100,000.00 a year no matter who you are...  I guess I failed at being as radical as the Tea Party. I'll keep trying but they are so crazy, it's hard to match them.
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