How Right And Left Each FAIL Differently

Republican voters fail to be good citizens.

Democratic voters fail to practice citizenship to the fullest as well.

GOP voters fail by voting against themselves; by allowing fear to take over from reason. They are not brave in the home of the brave. They cede their better judgment to the worst con-men: the self-appointed men of god, and the propagandists. The Republicans & Fundamentalist Conservatives hand the nation over to men whose ultimate evil is unquenchable greed.  They make these choices for reasons of tribalism & blind defensiveness, and these choices destroy democracy and society.

Democratic voters fail by not filling the streets with at LEAST 20 million people demanding the things that they all KNOW MUST BE DONE:
1. End rule by the wealthy
2. Restore Democracy
3. Increase Social Service
4. Enshrine, Defend and Expand the Commons
5. Nurture the future for humanity and nature

As long as we the people wait for someone to do it for us, we fail.

One clue?

Both the GOP voters and the Democratic Party voters hate *corporate personhood… we should all be agreeing on the SCOTUS’ “Citizens United” ruling.

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