Corp’s 2nd Facebook Deletion

Your humble servant since 2004 is unacceptable to FB. So I am going to share with you now an FB “page” to “like” (Facebook users know what this means… it’s what used to be called a fan page). I can’t interact personally from that page the way I did as “Corp” but you will see all my posts about politics, a few about rational thinking, some humor and some weirdness too.  Most of my non-politics posts will come from a seemingly normal person that I pretend to be.  I’ll be one of the moderators.

That should take care of this tendency for FB to delete my profile. They want a *person? Fine.

I had 2000 readers … then 350… now… a few.

Is my old fashioned internet anonymity out of step with modern times?

I will not surrender.

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6 responses to “Corp’s 2nd Facebook Deletion

  1. Mark watson

    I cant believe they deleted you again how the fuck is this fair , fucking unbelievable , do you not have the right to defend yourself
    I’m disgusted the fuckpigs

  2. Aimee

    Here you are! I wondered where you went. 😦

  3. Hey Corp-
    Knew you’d surface again. Remember when eBay was fun? FB is turning that same corner and soon they will have made themselves obsolete with their intrusions and selling of personal information. Wait and see.

  4. I was gone from Facebook for the entire month of February and just came back today to find YOU gone. Glad you’re well and I’ll be linking to you soon and often in the blogosphere! xoxo

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