Why Democratic presidents will always have less power than right wing presidents

Libertarians, hippies, anarchists independents and who voted for Obama are disappointed. Why did he let the tax cuts extend two more years? Why don’t we have a public option? A debate broke out. I wrote some clear stuff I am reposting here. I think this might help you understand why a Democratic Party president has a very different job than a Right Wing president ever could.

I was shocked at my friend’s label of Obama as “the half-white puppet-in-chief” and appealed that a better title might be: “reasonable guy trapped in a fucked up job trying to stave off fascism by capitulating a bit too much?”

But I didn’t mean it. I really meant a guy with a shitty job who was turning things around as slowly as his circumstances DEMANDED of him.


I know a lot of your friends like to hate on Obama.. mine too.. but you and I know he’s rational.. and intelligent… and has a shitty job.

John F. Kennedy tried to change things immediately. He knew he had limited time. That’s part of what got him killed. The shock of change is a dangerous thing in the United States. If it were friends like us…you or I, we’d deal with permanent power more carefully… and … no… I don’t want my (hypothetical) daughters killed in the process. Not only is Obama being safe, he’s being thoughtful and reasonable.

In his slow game of chess, I see a reversal of Bush.

He ended no-bid contracts, he took half the Americans out of IRAQ… and is drawing down in Afghanistan in less than a month.
He closed the “donut hole” in MEDICARE and is taking power away from insurance companies. That’s a fact and they are squealing about it every day. He’s fighting Exxon and big energy on subsidies and taxes. He’ll be able to win that if he gets a DEM house and a real MAJORITY of DEMOCRATS in the SENATE.

The stuff he did for union jobs and for manufacturing is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of Bush. He’s not fighting the DoD head on… and that sucks- but could anyone?

Could Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich? I don’t see how.

Today’s “Hollowed Out” Military is a lot of chummy private corporations thanks to DICK Cheney.

For 2012, Obama’s running on repealing the Bush Tax Cuts. That he will connect to protecting medicare. That’s how they will win.

Now it may seem to you as though, “‎”BushCo. never gave a fuck about Senate majorities, they just plowed on through with Executive orders.” — but we forget that executive orders are nothing, they are temporary and limited in scope from the executive branch… We also forget how different power is for a GOP president than for a DEM one. Today the presidency is about the help of the LEGISLATORS. Without it, a president is very weak. Remember learning about what happened to Jimmy Carter when Teddy Kennedy turned against him?

What Trent Lott, Bill Frist and Tom Delay did is what created the Bush era.

They undid all our basic laws from the senate floor. They knocked down the walls of separation that regulated our markets and our economy from the sharks. Bush merely signed off on their work. – it actually started under CLINTON… with the repeal of GLASS STEAGAL and the OUTSOURCING of JOBS. It’s always the LEGISLATURE that is at the heart of corporatism. The legislature was one part of what gave G. W. Bush his “Teflon”.. Bush’s cooperation with the corporate agenda made it look like HE had power…. he just stood in front of everyone’s dirty work and said, “I did this”…

That’s why Republican Presidents actually wield a bit more power than do Democratic Presidents.

Why didn’t Obama fight for ending the Bush Tax Cuts in 2010?! Right?

Simple… The House of Representatives got filled with TEABAGGERS, opportunists, religious activists and idiots… and ALL LEGISLATION ON BUDGET and TAXATION starts there. With that house run by monkeys, Obama had to wait. A GOP president merely lets the monkeys shit all over the tax payer and give revenue to corporate masters as they wish to.. then signs off. That’s a much easier job.

Those of us who focus on the Presidency as the main power in Washington DC are political children or maybe adolescents

Obama now exerts less than 1/3 of the power in DC. Far less.

Now we can be mad about that… I am. But it’s silly to be mad at HIM about that. The person to be mad at for fucking up presidential power is Ronald Reagan’s handlers and the Monopolists they represented.

There is The Supreme court who gave Corporations super-person-hood… where they can engage in corruption free of consequence. They have the most power. The supreme court is run by monsters from the “Federalist Society” who attend KOCH BROTHERS fascism fundraisers.

Next you have the LEGISLATURE which held the federal government (and many state governments) hostage unless the BUSH TAX CUTS were extended forever.

Obama made it 2 years. Does he get credit for the fact that two years is less than forever with low information voters? Not hardly. The Legislature: The House and Senate, they have the next great power of the 3… The house should be the one with the MOST POWER .. as they are the closes to the direct voice of the people. Unfortunately because of racism and FOX so-called-news fouling up the debate, the voice of the electorate was not a very accurate representation of what the people wanted this time around. They got fooled.

Finally we have a White House run by a president of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Why does that matter? Because a RIGHT WING white house is basically a figurehead for the Corporatocrisy. A Right Wing white house pretends to lead as it obeys Wall St.

That leads to naming the real permanent power in DC.

49.9% of all the power in this nation is not elected. Bush and Cheney Followed this behind the scenes power, they did not dictate to it. Obama is slowly bucking them.

Get mad at the Military/Media/OIL/Medical/Banking complex… not the (slightly left of center) centrist who’s trying to do something about them; who’s slowing and reversing key goals of the fascists.

Yes. The Fascists. The Treasury Feeders. The permanent leaches. The permanent tape worms. The greatest receivers of WELFARE in the history of the world.

I am talking about the top Corporations and the dynastic wealth that controls them.

They also control most of the power in the Federal Government and the message on TV. Every Sunday show about politics and policy is chock full of KLEPTOCRATS. These are the people who work to steal everything for the corporate Royalists behind the scenes. If you are a GOP PRESIDENT, your life is easy, they are setting your agenda and clearing the pathway for you. If you are a president elected from the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, you are in a den of LIONS. You are attacked on all sides. Your white house is filled with guys in dark sunglasses and headsets who are telling you what LANGLEY (CIA) wants you to do. And what Langley wants is the opposite of what you want and what you promised the American People.

You make policy and the “National Security” monster that sticks out of the fly of Wall Street thwarts that policy. Carter refused to get fluffy or superficial. He had one bloody powerless term. Obama is not making the same mistakes. He’s scoring slow steady wins. He’s kept nearly all of the promises made on the campaign trail and thanks to Pelosi and … yes… Reid… Obama has the record for most legislative goals accomplished in under 3 years of any modern president.

You may not like how slowly it goes. You may not like that a president closes a torture center and the Department of Defense refuses to obey his “Presidential Orders” – but who is to blame for that? Obama? How?

I’m just saying we can be mad at how f*cked up it is… but we need to see the difference between a president who works for the fascists and one who in a weakened state tries to do some measure to stem the tide of their fascism.

We also need to tell children that 20 year-olds decide when the system changes dramatically… when they hit the streets and stop society… that’s the detonation. That’s the flash-point. That’s the beginning.

When will we see this moment? Soon I hope.

– Corporations_ate_my_BABY

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  1. Obama knew that he was becoming the leader of an Empire. He is markedly more intelligent than George W. Bush or any other US president for that matter. He also have a more global perspective than the US presidents with homogenous anglo-saxon lineage. This makes him all the more vulgar a human being. That he would be willing to fulfil the mandate of a mandate requiring the pain and suffering of the world’s most vulnerable all in the name of securing more resources for the lifestyle of Americans, is deplorable.

    And by the way………

    UN General Assembly
    Resolution 3379
    Date: November 10 1975
    Code: A/RES/3379 (Document)


    Vote: For: 72 Abs.: 32 Against: 35
    Result: approved

    United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), “determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”. The resolution was revoked by Resolution 46/86 on December 16, 1991. In the history of the UN, this is the only resolution that has ever been revoked.

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