The International Money Coup

The International Money Coup

How the US Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove’s “American Crossroads” PAC are selling The USA’s government and future to International Oligarchs

It's unprecedented. It all is. Political races that usually cost in the tens of thousands to run are seeing millions poured into them from outside. This money is coming from representatives of maybe 1000 Americans who can afford it. The rich want to get richer. That's not new. What is new is that there are thousands of other millionaires and billionaires from outside this nation who are buying in and trying to decide our own national fate. This is illegal at it's core, but it is not being stopped yet.

Most nations are run by a government that is itself run by a few Oligarchs.

When the Soviet Union reverted to being Russia again, the head of the KGB (which is like our CIA & FBI combined), just "gave" all the big industry to his best friends. These men now run all the important industry in Russia *PRIVATELY* and make billions. It's like this in China, Mexico, all over the Middle east, in fact, it's like this in most places in the world. Western Europe is holding this economic royalism at bay, and the USA has successfully fought them back until 1980.

Ronald Reagan's cronies gave it back to us. From the mid 1930s until 1981 or so, we the people had the upper hand, but that began to erode as Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush undid the regulations that kept the balance of power "American".

Obama walked into office to head a very different America than he knew when he gave that first great speech about "One America" at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Our new president came into an office severely hampered by an existing power structure of wealthy elites who's "muscles" were on Wall Street, The Pentagon, and the CIA. Little did he imagine that soon the supreme court's five radical activists would open a flood gate that could destroy those of us who are not in that wealthy elite.

The supreme court passed a law saying that corporate money is "free speech" in funding political campaigns. This is in contradiction to over 100 years of settled law, and wasn't even being asked during the landmark case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Suddenly and without warning it was ok to spend LIMITELESS money to place candidates in office that were friendly to the biggest financial players; to American Oligarchy.

But this *Money Coup* is now international, as corporations and PACs can collect this "free speech" from anyone anywhere. Corporations don't have boundaries when it comes to investors and that is what the Oligarchs are using to literally take over from voters. The two biggest players are Karl Rove's *American Crossroads* PAC (527 organization) (not so surprising) and The US Chamber of Commerce (more surprising that they would become the *international chamber*).

Together these two right wing advocacy, lobbying and fund raising groups have promised to spend a combined 125 million dollars on the midterm election coming Tuesday, November 2, 2010.

Watch this:

How about these?

This is just what we know about.

Oligarch and Business Oligarch money is flowing into our elections in staggering amounts. There is money from the Oligarchs of:

Communist China

Former Enemies Russia



Bahrain (Arabian Al Khalifa Royal Family)

Saudi Arabia (also a monarchy)

[More On Donors Click Here]

While we don't exactly know what this means, we can guess.

This is how COUPS are performed. The wealthy and powerful overwhelm a population & suddenly that population is being controlled.

Are the police in Mexico able to help the people? No. They are corrupt and on the take from the Oligarchs there. The world seems to prefer this way of living. We in America have held this off for a couple of hundred years, and when we fell into it we got ourselves out.

Will we be able to stand up to almost limitless money from around the world?

Are we watching a coup?

It's up to we the voters, before it's too late.

There is still time.

Or we can have this for our "safety" -

"This is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause"

*This November 2, you can deny the coup by defeating all GOP candidates and then pushing the Democratic and Independent winners to pass laws against international money in our elections, or... get ready to enjoy life under Darth Vader.

- Corp


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6 responses to “The International Money Coup

  1. Soul Rebel

    It becomes clearer than ever who the real enemies of democracy have been all along.
    They’ve finally come out from the under their rocks.

  2. Thanks Soul Rebel, now can we educate others as to who they are? Can we convince them about something they never put much thought into? I hope so.

  3. Welcome!
    Please feel free to leave any comment you wish. My readers love different perspectives. – Corp

  4. Zhu Bajie

    China is post-communist. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with you.

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